Solo exhibition at Abingdon Project Space (2022), following a WORK|SPACE residency completed earlier in the year.

The work was responding to the local legend of Kilgrimol, a hamlet just outside of Blackpool that disappears from maps of the area around the 13th Century. There many reasons why this disappearance could have occured (the Black Death being the most likely terrestrial cause), but an evocative legend says that the earth opened up and swallowed the small collection of houses, church and graveyard of Kilgrimol. Apparently, on New Years Day, if you put your ear to the ground you can still hear Kilgrimol's churchbells pealing.

Alongside a series of paintings I also produced a publication for the exhibition, The Church of Squirt, which was a collection of erotic eulogies written in Middle English for the lost souls of Kilgrimol.