‘The theme of this edition of Sluice Magazine is an embracing of themelessness. Not as indifference, even in the way that John Cage or Duchamp embraced indifference, but as a very contemporary necessity: a themelessness that is born out of live-work invasions, the distractions of the digital, the increasing awareness of neurodivergence and other rejections of narratives of purity. [...] The contributors to this edition of the magazine are each producers of things that evade purity. We all are of course, but these are, I think, great examples of those who do so against the attempts that discourse makes to advocate for the pure. A magazine is a basic communication formula, but this one, as an art magazine made by artists, is also trying to be a container for things that seep beyond the confines of imposed structures. Survival is at stake. These are representations of people. This is nothing pure. A moderate breeze among light clouds.’ - Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson

Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson (@markpajackson) - guest editor Frankie Roberts (@frankengine)
Belladonna Paloma (@belladonnapaloma)
Lucy A. Sames (@lucyasames)
Abdullah Qureshi (@maq39)
Ana Benlloch (@anamilgram)
Blue Mountain Arcturus (@arcturus_games)
LungA School (@lungaschool)
Alistair Gentry
Vilhjálmur Yngvi Hjálmarsson (@skogarthrostur)
Richard Squires (@lmfyffproductions)
CHK Design (@chkdesign)
‘Nothing Pure continues until the 19 November, and is open Thursday - Sunday from 12 - 6pm.